Sacred Self Care Challenge


The winds of change are blowing.

Changing times call for deep self care and grounded practices.

During this unprecedented time of global uncertainty and resulting stress , more than ever before we could all use self love and sacred self care!

This time is a unique opportunity to go inward and to truly care for ourselves in a new and soulful way. 

Self love and self care is so very important! Deep down you probably know this, but perhaps your life has been so full and  hectic, you have so much to do and so many people to take care of that you’ve put yourself last on the list.

It’s time to change that … it’s time to make yourself a priority!

The most important person in your life is you.

And if you aren’t taking care of yourself, eventually, you’ll be running around with an empty tank, adrenal exhaustion and hormonal imbalance.

And then, you won’t be able to really love or take care of anyone or anything else.

This is not negotiable!

And that’s why I am inviting you to join my Free Sacred Self Care & Day Challenge! 

I've create a weeks worth of simple and fun practices that will help you to feel grounded, nourished and boost your immune system!  

Each day for 7 days I'll reveal a new Sacred Self Care Practice for you to weave into your life!

I'll be live in our private Facebook page at 11am Adelaide time (ACDT). I'll also share some of my favourite Autumn recipes and Ayurvedic tips to boost your immune system and keep you as well as can be through this time of change.

In our private facebook page you will feel the support of others who have already signed up for this journey. Together we will slow down, tune in and connect with our inner knowing.

Feel free to call me on 0421601715 to chat and see if this is the kind of experience you are looking for.

Join Us Today!

We start Monday 31st March 

Please fill in the form below and press submit to register your details with me.

Once you have joined I'll send your our private facebook Group Link! 

See you there!


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I look forward to connecting with you soon and supporting your deep peace and nourishment!

x Jacq