Living Ayurveda Seasonal Cleanse


Are you feeling like life is buffeting you about like a little boat on a stormy sea?

That you are running from one important task to another but never actually slowing done enough to hear what your body and mind needs to feel good? 

Are you feeling disconnected from your self, your loved ones, your partner or you kids. 

Or do you suffer from bloating, mood swings, insomnia or feeling dull and heavy? 

Reclaim your body wisdom
Strengthen your digestion
Reduce sugar cravings
Boost and balance your energy 
Ease aches and pains

And as you detox your body you'll also be helping to regenerate our beautiful Earth!

10% of proceeds for this event goes to Tree Sisters

Spring is the natural time for your body to cleanse. It wants to let go of Winter accumulations and reset before the heat of Summer. Allow more energy and health into your life as you create habits that are in line with the rhythms of nature. Shift your habits with the seasons to create lasting health! 

Our Living Ayurveda Seasonal Group Cleanse is not only about the food that we put into our mouths. Although important, food is not the full picture. Even if we eat the most fresh, organic, seasonal pure food we can still have digestive problems when our lives are too full, with too much stress and lifestyle rhythms that are out of whack.

For 3 weeks we will be tuning in and creating healthier rhythms and habits that will sustain you with deeper health way beyond our 3 weeks together. You will feel lighter, more connected with your body and feel into how the choices that you make each day can either run your down or create lasting health!

Sounds good?

And, you will not be doing it alone!

I will support and guide you through your transition with our weekly calls, and a recipe and guide book!  With our private facebook page you will feel the support of others who have already signed up for this journey.

Together you can slow down, tune in and connect with your body's wisdom!



Kick off Summer feeling great!


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I really enjoyed this first cleanse of many to come. I love that I was supported to just do the best I could and not give myself a hard time if I deviated from the ideal. I've enjoyed tuning into the cause and effect of what I'm experiencing. I can really see that food is medicine and I've loved noticing that I run well with less food and reconnecting to my appetite rather than the clock. Thank you Jacq and I wish everyone much joy as they continue to learn more about nurturing self.



All Live Group Calls are in Australian Central Standard Time ( ACST)

Prep Call 2pm on Friday 8th November

Kick Off Call 11am on Wednesday 13th Nov

Mid way call 11am on Wednesday 20th Nov and 

Closing Call 11am Wednesday 27th Nov

All calls are recorded so you can listen at your leisure anytime!


Thank you Jacq, I have loved this cleanse. Becoming more in tune with my body's rhythms and needs, eating delicious food and feeling nourished and light.This is how I want to eat and be all the time.


Special Cleanse Offer

When booking you can choose to add our Living Ayurveda Seasonal Cleanse Kit to create a deeper cleansing experience. 

Kit contains: 1 x copper tongue scraper; 1 x 200ml bottle Organic Black Sesame Massage Oil; 1 x 65gms Ayurvedic Cleansing Herbs to support detoxification and healthy elimination.

Normally priced at $51 as part of our seasonal cleanse you can add it to your order for only $30! 

(Cleanse kits can be picked up from Rainbowtree 320 Magill Rd, Kensington Park or posted via Aust Post with standard post charges invoiced separately. Please let me know via email if you would like your kit posted). 


Say yes to slowing down and cleansing your body, and supporting Tree Sisters plant more trees to cleanse our Earth! 


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Seasonal Cleanse Payments

I look forward to connecting and supporting you in feeling great soon!

x Jacq