Wisdom for Women Workshop - Creating Balance with Ayurveda

South Hobart Yoga and Meditation - Sunday 21st October  9.30am - 3pm


Are you often tired and your immune system feels low? Or, maybe are you experiencing shifting metabolism and weight gain (especially around your middle!!), or energy and mood swings.

Perhaps your hormones are imbalanced?

Painful cycles, heavy bleeding, or skipping cycles with volcanic build up!, brain fog and overwhelm, hot flushes and poor sleep, weight gain...And many more niggly I'm not quite unwell but just not feeling really great kind of
But are your hormones really the first in line to blame!?

Stress, overworking, juggling many tasks and commitments and pushing ourselves ever onward can be the mode du jour of the modern woman. Yes, life can be so very busy. It takes a conscious commitment and courage to go against the flow, to slow down and reconnect with our wisdom.

Ayurveda can help us create balance in our lives and reconnect with our inner wisdom to reclaim our health!

Come and join us on the 21st October at Hobart's beautiful SHYAM to learn how to restore balance in your life and say YES to feeling really great each day!!

I guarantee there will be information, laughter and inspiration to carry from this day into your life!!


It is possible for you to create pain free cycles, experience deep and replenishing sleep and enjoy a clear mind. And if you are moving into or through menopause you can transform your experience into an empowering and soul satisfying journey.

You can create the balance and health that you want in your life! 


I know that you can because I did.  A few years ago I had fallen into the common habit of giving too much of myself away - to my family, my work and others in general. The result was insomnia, anxiety, missed cycles, early menopause and generally feeling unwell and unsatisfied with life.  

Luckily, I knew how to get back on track and now I am sharing this knowledge with you and other women so that you don't have to experience hormonal turmoil...or, if you feel like you now are where I was, then let me be your guide back to you! I can help you create balance in your life, and reconnect with your inner wisdom to reclaim your health!


Based on Ayurvedic Wisdom, this workshop has been designed to give you the why, how and the motivation to create positive life habits for your better health. By looking at Women's Health through the lens of Ayurveda you can learn how to notice imbalances before symptoms take a hold. And, how to bring your natural rhythms back.

Workshop Includes:

  • Understanding your body with Ayurveda.
  • How stress sabotages hormonal balance: where modern science and Ayurveda meet!
  • Ancient wisdom for modern times - how to bring Ayurvedic rhythms into your life!!
  • Learn practices for creating good digestion, metabolic health and hormonal balance
  • Creating balance now for a smooth transition through menopause (you cannot create ease and balance in your life too early!)
  • How to alleviate and prevent hormonal related conditions with Ayurvedic wisdom - painful cycles, hot flushes, heavy bleeding or skipped cycles, brain fog, insomnia, endometiroisis, osteoporosis and thyroid imbalances
  • How to stay strong and age well in our bones, breasts, thyroids and minds
  • Informative handouts and a recipe e-booklet
  • Morning tea and a delicious Ayurvedic lunch!
Reconnect with your innate wisdom!

Some feedback from past attendees.....

Within a few weeks of attending this workshop with Jacqueline I moved from being an emotional, physical and mental exhausted wreck to genuinely beginning to reconnect with joy again, and therefore life. Jacqueline offers small, practical, simple steps that I was able to cope with and easily implement. I am now able to sleep, think clearly, process information, laugh, have fun and make sense of life again. I am so grateful.

"Dear Jacqueline, thank you for your wonderful Women's Wisdom workshop. It was an amazing experience, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You made this in-depth topic of hormones so much easier to understand! Your knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle has inspired me to practice every day for a healthier and happier way of living."    Vivianna.

Treat yourself to a few soul nourishing and informative hours for your better health!

Still not sure if this is for you??

Feel free to give me a call for a chat to find out more 0421 601 715


When: Sunday 21st October  9.30am - 3pm 

Where: SHYAM - South Hobart Yoga and Meditation

              14 Weld St, South Hobart 

Investment:  $155 single ticket or $125 for groups of 2 or more

Booking Link: HERE


Jacqueline is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and professional member of the Australasian Association of  Ayurveda.  Since 1998 she has traveled to India three times for further training in Ayurveda and Yoga and has completed  several mentorship training series with  world renowned Ayurvedic and Oriental Doctor, Dr. Claudia Welch. She has lived  the path of Ayurveda  for nearly 20 years  and  has  over 10 years of clinical experience and yoga teaching .  A mum of 2,  Jacqueline delivers her  knowledge of Ayurveda  & Yoga in an informative and practical way that can be easily integrated  into daily life.